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Davis Textiles, a division of Ranger Group, is one of the most renowned names in the field of textile transformation for a number of years, A team composed of seasoned seamstresses, detail-oriented pattern-makers and precise cutters ensures delivery of superior quality finished goods. We specialize in precise and detailed sewing, such as bras, bathing suits, fine lingerie, children’s pyjamas, etc.

We offer different services as well as tailoring and sewing: pattern-making, pattern-printing, sampling, storage of your textiles, silk-screening, embroidery, inspection and much more. Whether your wish to profit from only certain of our services in particular, for example cutting a lot,  assembling your cut goods or entrusting us with your entire production run, we guarantee a quality service. Our equipment and our vast work space permit us to work with speed and precision.

Whatever the number of units ordered, our team will de everything to satisfy your need. As we own a large number of pieces of equipment, the possibilities for different products are infinite, one only need to speak with one of our advisors to discover what is ideal for you!

Request a quotation for your needs of any size, you will be conquered!

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