About us

The groupe Ranger (Ranger Group) comes from the regrouping 3 prominent companies operating in different spheres of textile transformation; it is comprised of L. Davis Textile, Moulage Ranger and TexFab.  To us, it seemed natural to regroup the different specializations of each of our companies under a single name would allow us to show our expertise, our professionalism and the countless possibilities of products and services we can offer. Above all, the company is, in fact, the constant endeavour of 3 generations of the members of the Ranger family, who have been working for over forty years in the manufacture of textile products: bags, aprons, bras, clothing and accessories for babies… Other than fabrication, our company also specializes in the molding of various materials: polyurethane foam, textiles, fiber and plastic materials and we offer a range of products such as: bra cups, bathing suits, stadium cushions, and protective masks, to only name a few!

Our know-how and the expertise of our team permit us to offer our customers a production capacity that is efficient and flexible, be it for small or large lots, always maintaining a superior level of quality. From the creation of models to recycling textiles, through to clothing conception, the Groupe Ranger (Ranger Group) becomes your trusted experts in textile processing.

Our services

  • Sewing
  • Cutting
  • Pattern service
  • Pattern printing service
  • Sampling
  • Tissue storage
  • Silk-screening
  • Embroidery
  • Sub-contracting
  • Molding
  • Transport
  • Tissue Recycling